Focused on crafting your skill!


When i was a child, i want to be an athlete and really i practice 4 times a week to craft my badminton skill and professional gamer you know that the fact is hard to balance when you narrow your focused on crafting your skill, and its affect my study i literally trash my academic activity and you know what, although i did practice on my badminton skill and become a gamer i have to balance with academic activity!,  in the other side i though that i have to prepared for retired by study school material and make a high mark in class, but… Continue reading “Focused on crafting your skill!”


Become an MC and how to!

FILE: Neil Patrick Harris To Host 2015 Academy Awards

What did i thought about this thing is “well, it must be a famous person who stand in front of the audience” or “what a confident person! who stand still”, and etc are we think like that? or it’s just ordinary things to you? well it depends on your experience about this, so right here im gonna share you something based on my view point of MC as “semi introvert” how can i call it?, im not really sure about this thing because sometimes i’m brave to handle this thing sometimes i just scare too like an ordinary person, why i choose this topic rather than the other thing? well check it out! Continue reading “Become an MC and how to!”

Become Event Organizer!


One of the most thing that i want to do in my life besides become an MC is regist and accepted as event organizer in region community, like i posted before this post we talked about MC, this thing is similary look like MC but in this situation i become someone who created an event, it’s about planning an event on the biggest football tournament in PKN-STAN and this event held anually by the winner prior to the same tournament, this tournament can be called “Liga Futsal Nusantara” or LFN, luckily we won this thropy for two times and therefor i am looking for registration and exactly i accepted by someone who hired me, this is my second time to join this event as a committe and the same job desk as previously, i felt happy and exhilarating at the same time, what i did i get from it?

Continue reading “Become Event Organizer!”

Goes to Bogor


Hi fellas, now i wanted to share my personal experience on bogor, Bogor is or you can call it “rainy city” is exactly beautiful place to come over bogor has kebun raya bogor, istana president include on it this city is very cool city because it surrounded by a big tree along the city, so i fell relaxed when i was breating around there, i wanted to tell my destination to bogor exactly in puncak, what i did in this place?, so lets check this out! Continue reading “Goes to Bogor”

DotA 2, make me sick!


           Some kind of heroes character, both dire and radiant side, each of those battle to conquer the throne of each side, Valve successfull to conjure DotA 2 into a beautiful game and still continously fixed some bugs and etc.This game is amazing as a whole not only its character has a good potential to kill their opponent but also it has some strategic, differet skills and teamwork to be done to win the game. Continue reading “DotA 2, make me sick!”