My Makrab My Adventure


Have you ever been gather with your class mate and did something fun with your friend until at 2 am o’ clock?. Makrab is the one of another way to make greater relationship with your classmate friends, have you ever thought that is difficult to talk with someone you want to talk to but he/she is too introvert when in a classroom?, the answer is Makrab also, you must be wondered Why i post this theme? and this moment is suitable for me because i lately did makrab with my classmate and make me more joyful with my friend, so let’s check it out… Makrab is a thing that make something more connect, entertaining, explore, organized and many more activity

My experience in Makrab 4-H is awesome, because i follow all the journey from the begining until the end of this makrab, Goes to Bogor, this article was when i took a journey to find suitable cottage, and plesurable place to stay for us when we do makrab better to check it out before heading to this post

I got a lot of experience when i did this thing with my friend, it’s containing preparation what i gonna do with this things is preparation from the begining of makrab until the end, it has a lot of preparation in it like what time we should held the makrab, because of  all of 4-H member should attend this class activity but in the end a couple of my friends can’t join this event, Who was the committee  of this event, What kind of agenda we do in the place that we held the makrab. It’s all about preparation the longer we prepare the event, the better result will be no matter any kind of event this thing must emphasized this as the core of activity

After the preparation is coordination this is important things after preparation we do a lot of things no matter what, you have to trust your own leader follow the way he is thinking but if you have some suggestion to the leader you have to communicate it so people on this event committee dont have a branch mission therefore you have to choose the leader wisely

After that a commitment on every aspect that you take responsibility on it is must!, sometimes we do great preparation, we do communication but the commitment is also important real component of a great event that will be held. All of those is about how to make an event smoothly running my bro

Well said it is too rigid or too serious right XD, and now i want to share the real evidence while in makrab

This makrab is marvelous! why is that? because everyone has said that this event is well conduct with a committee, there were a games from 12 am until the next 12 am o’ clock hmm exactly not 24 hours to play a games the committee created a group of people there were 4 group containing 8-10 people each group and then we played a games called “crazy make up” *i dont know what can i called this event :p * we have several minutes to make up our friend this game is so damn laughable because yaa we make up our friend and its a boy LOL, after that we just play dodgeplay this is very exhausting because this game make our body move as possible as you can, you must dodge the ball that come to your team from your opponent so we must keep the queen stay alive in both of the team and well my team is just got the second place winner in this game our team is really working hard but i didn’t :p *blame me*

Then the third game is what can i called this game?, so i just describe the game, is it ok? :D, we just stay in a cottage and maximalize the things that provided this cottage on of the things that provided by this cottage is swimming pool so we just play “water transfer”, so the rule is how much we can take a cup of water and transfer it to the bowl, but we cannot see the cup just pour it into our friend’s cup, it’s really really hard dude to transfer the water into the bowl so the things that i learned from this game was trust your friend, communicate as much as you can, and be patient at what you do.

After all, we just have a free time there’s no game after the third game, i just chit-chat with my friend, venting with all my friend, in indonesia language we call it “curhat” with my close friend we talk about everything and we talk about my problem for uncertain time *because i didn’t check the time :p* and he said “don’t be hopeless on everything you want, just try and hit the wall, even if it fail at least you have already experienced it” and i guess it’s right but i should know “When i should stop” and how life goes on no matter how hard your problem is, the world still exist. so back to the reality in makrab 😀 i really enjoy we swam in the swimming pool along with my friend and just put the people around me into the swimming pool forcely LOL that was savage :p and after that we just playing billiard and talk with my friend until 3 am so it was incredible night and i was feeling connect with each of 4-H class member now i know how crazy our friend is, i tought that our friends are introvert but now i know it isn’t suprisingly Teto, one of my friends in class I tought that he was introvert person but after all hmmm… everything goes wrong XD until he did the magic tricks… *well introvert has a secret weapon to do the extrovert thing* Tet you’re the best

Well is it too long to read?, i guess it is

So i get a conclusion of all the things…. Be Present dont think on the past and the future itself it will make our mind sick so just be happy on what you do right now, make your life to the fullest, enjoy of what you’re doing altough everything will be hard in the journey and the last one feel the moment and alive


2 thoughts on “My Makrab My Adventure

  1. Well, i’m just sooo happy beyond words that u think our ‘makrab’ was great! Thankyou for participating, dzak 🙂

    -Your dearest makrab committee-

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