Focused on crafting your skill!


When i was a child, i want to be an athlete and really i practice 4 times a week to craft my badminton skill and professional gamer you know that the fact is hard to balance when you narrow your focused on crafting your skill, and its affect my study i literally trash my academic activity and you know what, although i did practice on my badminton skill and become a gamer i have to balance with academic activity!,  in the other side i though that i have to prepared for retired by study school material and make a high mark in class, but…

I didn’t make it both of them i was a burden in academic skill but also my badminton skill was very bad and the main factor that i have is i was addicted on playing games at that time, so my gaming life has controlled me, my life

That was my mistake i wont blame someone it’s just because my bad, i feel like focused on a bunch of thing at the time is common mistake because you know your time is limited and you have a control of your life when you know how to manage your time effectively and control yourself and have focused life on a particular thing you will master your craft even tough you just make a small movement on your craft it doesn’t matter at least your destination is fixed

so i start from the beginning to craft my skill, well good news for you who late to realize your true potential inside of YOU! age is just a number and you can craft every skill that you have at least you have a major skill on making your career better and some minor skill that to be your hobby don’t make your hobby skill is bigger than your major skill because the minor skill isn’t as valuable as major skill that might help you to create a path of success.



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