Become an MC and how to!

FILE: Neil Patrick Harris To Host 2015 Academy Awards

What did i thought about this thing is “well, it must be a famous person who stand in front of the audience” or “what a confident person! who stand still”, and etc are we think like that? or it’s just ordinary things to you? well it depends on your experience about this, so right here im gonna share you something based on my view point of MC as “semi introvert” how can i call it?, im not really sure about this thing because sometimes i’m brave to handle this thing sometimes i just scare too like an ordinary person, why i choose this topic rather than the other thing? well check it out!

On 11 march 2017, i get an assignment from Ghanifa because i’m part of this organization so i do whatever someone give me the assignment on this organization, btw what is ghanifa?, Ghanifa is Islamic Organization on my senior high school in Bandung exactly on SMAN 4 Bandung, this  organization is for alumnus of SMAN 4 Bandung btw right now i’m get a degree on PKN-STAN take accounting specialization for 3 years.


MC is acronym from Master of Ceremony, this thing is probably one of important pathway skill on public speaking that can affect your career in the future back to my experience, i got an assignment to guide the event of Ghanifa this event is “Ghanifa x Ghifari meeting” this meeting is important for us because we can introduce “what is ghanifa” to them, ghifari is islamic organization in SMAN 4 Bandung only for the student whom still study on this school which means when you become alumnus of this school you’ll be part of Ghanifa

A lot of things that i get from becoming an MC, this is what i’ve got when i do the MC, you acquire public speaking skill this is such an important skill for your career because our boss also like the one who can do public speaking therefor it entirely useful for communicating the ideas for workplace and also public speaking can make an inner confidence when we try to speak up our ideas in front of other people. so how to master your MC skill?, i cannot tell this is the best one, but i can give you a way to master this skill

1.Get used to uncomfortable

Everyone is absolutely feeling anxiety in the first time of trying to do a public speaking, you must get used to do the uncomfortable thing like doing an MC because your brain tell you “you do something that i dont know, what kind of skill is this?” so get used to it

2.Practice a lot

When your brain tell you “you do something that i dont know, what kind of skill is this?”,  this is the indication that you should do this thing more and more, and when you practice a lot, automatically this things become a habit and you won’t feeling anxiety anymore because your brain says “i do know about this activity, so i wont feeling any negative think about this”.

3.Understand why you’re feeling negative about this

This thing is such a great state of mind, when you feel you know the source of negativity that come to your mind you will immadiately correct it for example your audience mocking at you its; instead of thinking they are right, think that they are does not make sense because logically you do not something bad or worse

This is based on my experience, i’m just saying all of the rest is depend on yourself, are you ready to do the things that make you uncomfortable or just become an ordinary person who begging to has some skill but you won’t change yourself instead of make an excuses of yourself


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