Now i know, what the trully love is

love-01                 Are we think that love is uninocence?, are we think everything is always what we want in someone else?, are we gratitude enough to get what we want?it seems like we want something and just strive hard to get it after you gain what we want we forgot the beautiful thing when you strive hard for it, like when we were child we love to catch a fish and so on and after that we are bored and catch the biger one!, love is unbearable inocence but what make it complex is anything what we want doesn’t fit in particular side of our partner foremost its all about gratitude of what we have, because people outside strive hard to get what we achieve, so when you try to find “the better one” from your perspective try to be “the better one” within you too, but after that we should always know when we must stop trying to find “the perfect one”, or you’ll have miserable life who always try to find the more, the better but you cannot achieve it.



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