Become Event Organizer!


One of the most thing that i want to do in my life besides become an MC is regist and accepted as event organizer in region community, like i posted before this post we talked about MC, this thing is similary look like MC but in this situation i become someone who created an event, it’s about planning an event on the biggest football tournament in PKN-STAN and this event held anually by the winner prior to the same tournament, this tournament can be called “Liga Futsal Nusantara” or LFN, luckily we won this thropy for two times and therefor i am looking for registration and exactly i accepted by someone who hired me, this is my second time to join this event as a committe and the same job desk as previously, i felt happy and exhilarating at the same time, what i did i get from it?

LFN is my turning point to become an active person and so on, when i was child i was really introvert person, because i used to become an athlete on badminton, therefor i was on badminton club i used to keep silent, i was too shy to talk with someone else well… im totally introvert person, and i grow old and i learned something that hit the core of my problem i learned about psychology and human behavior for long time and slowly i learned how to manage my shyness because too shy is a disease but dont  try to get rid of shyness because it also important for create some morality around our society.

We become what we think of yourself, so we must think positively in every situation around us,and also how you use your body to do some productive thing is the core to make ourself more valuable in our society, back then i do gain something when i become event organizer, more aware of myself like more responsibility, being actively do something valuable, trully comprehend to speak around people, much more coordinating, and many more that might create your positive habitual


























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