Goes to Bogor


Hi fellas, now i wanted to share my personal experience on bogor, Bogor is or you can call it “rainy city” is exactly beautiful place to come over bogor has kebun raya bogor, istana president include on it this city is very cool city because it surrounded by a big tree along the city, so i fell relaxed when i was breating around there, i wanted to tell my destination to bogor exactly in puncak, what i did in this place?, so lets check this out!

Puncak, tour place and it is very pleasurable to layover the place is on a hill surrounded by a mountain and this place could possibly go through to Bandung, i went to puncak bogor with my friend so call it djaprul, firman, nopal, ambon, ino, ridwan, rengga and myself, we just planned this tour because we wanted to survey a cottage to deal with “Makrab” malam keakraban the purpose of this event is making our classmate closer and more cohesive

We were planned this survey about 3 days before the survey take place, and our classmate convince me to took this survey, so i agreed to join them.
3 days later… Saturday…

We created a multichat to make it easier and clear what we should do, we appointed to gather in djaprul’s house @6am but its late we gathered @9am all them exactly and we took the tour by motorcycle at least we took this ride for 3 hours, this journey is just straight forward path and we made our motorcycle speed faster and faster but something happend in the middle of journey… our friend’s motorcycle chain was broke up so we just tried to find motorcycle workshop, well that was bad but its ok  next time we would try stabilizing our speed and acceleration of our motorcycle to prevent something bad happened again!

12 am i just reached center of Bogor city, well its traffic jammed so we just really unpatient but how come, we had to accept all things because if we sulk we just didn’t make anything solved, at 2 o’ clock we reach the place that we were looking for it is Puncak Bogor, puncak is a pleasureable place because of its air, water, trees etc is still fresh and cold


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