DotA 2, make me sick!


           Some kind of heroes character, both dire and radiant side, each of those battle to conquer the throne of each side, Valve successfull to conjure DotA 2 into a beautiful game and still continously fixed some bugs and etc.This game is amazing as a whole not only its character has a good potential to kill their opponent but also it has some strategic, differet skills and teamwork to be done to win the game.

            As a player of DotA 2, i’ve been played for about 2 years ago, when i was in senior high school until right now in college, some of my friend play this game either so i dont feel lonely when i play this game, this game remind me when i competed with another school mate and i created amateur team that containing my class mate because i heard that my school had opened some DotA 2 competition, so i intered that competition cuz it’s free to compete.

              In the first time i played DotA 2 i played it so bad, i didn’t understand how to use skill, attack opponent and etc i’m so newbie at that time so i practice a lot, harder and harder so i could learn new things in DotA 2, and just keep playing but i forgot that i was still a student and every student should learn the things required in my school because of it, i had some negative effect on myself barely i didn’t understood what i was learning when i was in senior high school, my mark gradually lower and lower but this game makes me addicted to play more and more whether i have homework or not, and make my eyes feeling suffer.

             I was growing and it was time to change the education become higher degree then before when i was in senior high school, i submitted to college and this college its literally not bad at all, and on my first year i was leaving DotA 2 world because i know that DotA 2 is not so good for my future, and then suddenly my friends was talking about DotA 2 and we chit chat about DotA 2 and voila! i entered DotA 2 world once again because my friend invite me to play together with him -my bad-, i was feeling confused and lost direction, i though in my mind “i have accept his invitation or not?”hard to stay consistent of what am i commited before sooo…. i accept it because i know its fun to play together with him.

          Until right now i played DotA 2, because once again im addicted and ignore the duty of college


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